“The collector attempts always to acquire the best,
and his knowledge of what is best is always widening.”
— Arthur Davison Ficke, American poet

For over 25 years, Whitley’s has shared in your passion for collecting and how it expands our lives. Our journeys have taken us to the far corners of the globe, where we met the most intriguing collectors and have shared their remarkable stories.

Our Specialists

Arron Rimpley
Art & Antiques Appraiser

Jean Francois Niquette
European Arts Specialist

Arthur Rios

Paul FIsher
Art Expert

Christopher Evans
Ceramic Art Specialist

Paul Webster
Antiques Dealer

Linda Saft
Accredited Appraiser

Bruce Beck
Art & Antiques Specialist

Plan Your Visit

Our main gallery, appraisal offices, and broadcast studio are located in the Hollywood Boulevard Historic Business District. Nestled between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, and just a short drive from Palm Beach, Hollywood is known for its beautiful stretch of beach, shopping, entertainment, dining, and famous oceanfront hotels and resorts.