the collector’s BUTTONS AUCTION
Hollywood, FL  |  LIve auction OCTOBER 24-25, 2020  |  10am est

Whitley’s Upcoming annual 1200 lot Button Auction scheduled for October 24 to the 25th promises to be a fabulous auction. Included will be several 18th century examples inclusing Chinese cloissonne and Plique a Jour enamels, gay 90s including the rare Scarab, Ivoroids, Handkerchief corners, Modern glass, black glass, clear and colored glass including 2 rare colored Acorn Tingues never seen before at auction. 
Also included will be several good horn buttons and the very rare Mice in Council, a wonderful award winning Fabric tray, Vegetable Ivory Button’s, a good group of Bakelite, a large selection of Buckles, a Rare 3 Pigs Burwood button, Colt manufacturing buttons, a very rare Lacy Glass button in Metal with a red paste border along with other scarce and beautiful Lacy Glass examples, A nice selection of micro mosaics, Aritas, Satsumas, a selection of Studio buttons, Indian, Mexican and other silver buttons, Animals, plants, objects and other pictorial buttons. 
This auction will have whole cards of a great variety, many Large bag lots, A few books and frames. There will be Buttons for the beginner, the advanced collector, creator, designer and everyone in between.
Whether you have or have not experienced our auctions before you don’t want to pass this one up. The selection includes examples from Gerrie Meyer and the late Shelly Strick at California, Alethe Allen or Florida, Lulu Cameron of Michigan, Peg Eastland of Colorado and the final part of the late Mona Brown of Virginia.